About me

Designer. Developer. Educator.

My background

For the past 7 years, I have been designing and building digital products that make people's lives better and help businesses grow.

I've designed a 26M page views/month campground reservation portal, a 5M page views/month university website, and a swimming app that generated $1 million in 8 weeks.

But it takes more than one person to make a successful product. I've worked closely with C-level executives, product management, development, and marketing teams all over the world in a variety of industries that range from startups to nonprofits to national government agencies to law firms.

Along the way, I took the time to teach aspiring designers at UT Arlington the fundamentals of user experience, visual design, and frontend development. These students went on to win awards (proud teacher moment). I've mentored some of the designers as they tried to navigate transitioning from student to professional. I love helping others succeed. 

Together, we succeed.

© 2020, Hollis Harris