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ActiveKids helps parents easily search more than 440,000 events & activities for camps, extra-curricular classes, and other activities that would excite their children.

We created a logo that excited both kids and parents — one that celebrated a child's imagination and inspired their curious spirit. We designed a dynamic logo system that was flexible enough to appeal to all different ages and genders but still felt part of the parent brand,

ActiveKids robot logo as a sticker ActiveKids gecko logo as a sticker ActiveKids ballerina and octopus logos as a sticker

For all ages

The ActiveKids logo was designed to be dynamic so it could appeal to various ages and genders. During our early explorations, we found that too playful of logos alienated older kids and teenagers. And too mature logos alienated younger kids.

ActiveKids robot and ballerina logo on backpacks

Logo genetics

The ActiveKids logo needed to be closely connected to the parent brand, To achieve this connection, I extended the swoosh of the logo to feature 4 different custom illustrations. logo ActiveKids ballerina logo

Left: logo. Right: ActiveKids Logo.

Kid tested, kid approved

We've gotten great feedback from the community. We've seen kids (and even some adults) fighting over which t-shirt illustration they wanted. We've heard people say which illustration was their favorite. We've even received suggestions on the next series of illustrations.

Which one is your favorite? robot logo on a t-shirt gecko logo on a t-shirt ballerina logo on a t-shirt

The Team

Chad Poorman

Brand Designer

Corwin Stone

Creative Director

Margaret Cyphers

Global Creative Director

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