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Showcasing a corporate mobile app suite.


  • Art Director
  • Visual Designer
  • Prototyping

Active Network had a portfolio of nearly a dozen mobile apps from run training to swim meet tracking to booking campgrounds. Together, these apps provided over 2.5 million activities — totalling 27 million downloads.

Obviously, this mobile app portfolio was worthy of boasting but it had an outdated web presence. That's where we came in. We created a website that both allowed for a unique experience based on the app while being easy to add the next game changing app.

The concept

From cyclers racing to high jumpers jumping to runners sprinting. Each app showcased its unique activity with a person breaking out of the phone. This not only provided a cohesive visual but also covered up some of the more outdated apps.

Active people jumping out of apps showing the website concept

In context

Each landing page showcased the app in context of where it would be used. Each section highlighted a unique feature of the app. The overall layout allows for a unique experience of its respective app.

Built on a flexible template, the imagery was interchangable to be used for any type of app. Active Mobile app landing page

The Team

Corwin Stone

Creative Director

Margaret Cyphers

Global Creative Director

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