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Reaching fitness goals, together.


  • Art Director
  • UI Designer

ACTIVEx provides customized workouts, training plans, weekly relevant content and a community of thousands of active people to help us all reach our goals.

We took the idea of co-workers exercising at lunch together and made it into an app that broke into the crowded fitness app market. With "togetherness" as our vision, we created a product that made exercising a little easier by inspiring a sense community.

ActiveX app workout screen

Discovery & strategy

How do you break into a crowded market like the fitness industry? To answer this question, we brainstormed on whiteboards. We came up with all kind of crazy ideas. We even designed and built another fitness app that never launched.

Through our research, we found the one thing that helps people stay active is each other. When we heard the success of our company's internal health and wellness group, we traveled to San Diego to watch an actual ActiveX lunch workout session.

Power of the pack

The idea of community was woven all throughout the app. Every picture was handpicked to show multiple people working out together. Even the bold typography was engrained with people.

ActiveX app onboarding screen ActiveX app onboarding screen ActiveX app onboarding screen

Onboarding Screens

No sweat

We designed an experience that was easy to use even if you have sweat running down your face, about to pass out and your muscles going limp. It's all about focus, every screen was designed to be simple for whichever step the user was at.

The time left in a workout is easy to see from several feet away. Custom photography shows the right form, a key mistake most beginners make. Customizing your high intensity workout is a breeze .

ActiveX app equipment screen

For real people

The app needed to be approachable to everyone. The photography shows real, everyday people because let's face it, that's who we are.

No fitness models here.

The Team

Arielle McMahon

UI Designer

Matt Denton

UX Designer

Rebecca Baker

Senior UX Director

Corwin Stone

Creative Director

Margaret Cyphers

Global Creative Director

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